Club Crew World Championships Campaign 2014

CCWC 2014 Race Results

– Premier Mixed 10-crew 200m: GOLD
– Premier Mixed 10-crew 500m: SILVER
– Senior A Open 10-crew 500m: BRONZE

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The Club Crew World Championships is the biggest dragonboat event for non-national dragonboat clubs worldwide, an Olympics of sorts.

SPC has participated since 2008 at Penang, and won medals in 2010 at Macau (Bronze for 200m 20-Mixed Crew) and 2012 at Hong Kong (Gold for 200m/500m 10-Women Crew and Silver for 10-Master Crew).  In 2014, the CCWC races will be held on SEPTEMBER 2-8 at Ravena, Italy.

SINGAPORE PADDLE CLUB is the ONLY club crew from Singapore, up against approximately 6,000 paddlers from all over the world.

As Italy is halfway around the world, the crew is trying to raise funds to cover part of the race costs.  On the weekend of the 26th July, we will be doing a 24 hour paddle along the coast in Sentosa to raise money for the crew’s needs.  By paddling 24hours continuously (yes, we will take breaks here and there but some of us will always be on the water), we want to show you that we have all that is needed to win and be successful: commitment, passion, perseverance, team spirit.

Meet the 2014 CCWC – Singapore Paddle Club crew, click here.  Support your friends, family, teammate represent Singapore in the world stage of dragonboating!

We NEED your support!  Please  visit our fundraising page:

You can also support us by spreading the word, helping us with logistics of the 24-hour paddle, sending us possible partners, or paddling with us!  Download the info flyer here.

Join and share our Facebook event page in your wall, invite your friends/family/teammates/colleagues.

Do you want to promote your business in Singapore while we travel to Italy?  Please email Peter Glaser from our Marketing team at

Join us in this journey!

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We have participated in 4 CCWC races:

Club Crew World Championships 2014 (Ravenna, Italy)
– Senior A Mixed 10-crew 2000m: 2nd
– Premier Mixed 10-crew 200m: SILVER
– Premier Mixed 10-crew 500m: GOLD
– Senior A Open 10-crew 500m: BRONZE
Click for complete SPC CCWC 2014 Results here.

Club Crew World Championships 2012 (Hongkong)
– Women’s 10-crew 200m: GOLD
– Women’s 10-crew 500m: GOLD
– Men’s Senior 10-crew 500m: SILVER
Photos of 2012 CCWC HK

Club Crew World Championships 2010 (Macau)
– Mixed 20-crew 300m: BRONZE
Photos of 2010 CCWC Macau
Video of 2010 CCWC Macau

Club Crew World Championships 2008 (Penang)
– Participant
Photos of 2008 CCWC Penang

News on Club Crew World Championships from International Dragonboat Federation.