Guest Paddlers

Hello!  Welcome to our little red dot!

If you happen to be in Singapore for a few days and want to have a great time in the water, we welcome friends who love to paddle from all over the globe to our humble ocean ohana.

You can join us in our training session on OC6, OC1, Surf Ski every Tue, Thu 615am and Sat 9am club session.  Please let us know your details and Emergency Contact through our Teamsnap group.  You will be asked to create an account (click this link).

All these sessions are open to a wide range of abilities.  We could possibly have race training, which you could join, but please let us know.  Also note that if you wish to be in a single craft, club crafts are subject to availability and can only be used during official training days.  Send us a message at to confirm.

Mahalo nui loa.

*Freemantle Australia*