Our Achievements

The ethos of competitive paddling has been one of the core motivation of Singapore Paddle club’s existence.  We have been racing for the past 10 years, and counting, with races getting bigger, competition stiffer, and stakes higher every year.

SPC excels in both dragonboat racing and outrigger canoe racing.  We have participated in key races in Asia, Australia, and US.

Here are some of our biggest races to date:


The Club Crew World Championships is the biggest international club crew dragonboat race event to date, happening only every 2 years, with participating club crews from all over the world.

For more news and details about our Club Crew World Championships campaign, check out this page.

Club Crew World Championships 2014 (Italy)
– Premier Mix 10-crew 200m: GOLD
– Premier Mix 10-crew 500m: SILVER
– Men’s Senior 10-crew 200m: BRONZE

Club Crew World Championships 2012 (Hongkong)
– Women’s 10-crew 200m: GOLD
– Women’s 10-crew 500m: GOLD
– Men’s Senior 10-crew 500m: SILVER

Club Crew World Championships 2010 (Macau)
– Mixed 20-crew 200m: BRONZE

Club Crew World Championships 2008 (Penang)
– Participant

News on Club Crew World Championships from International Dragonboat Federation.

Outrigger Canoe

Queen Lili’uokalani Canoe Race
– 25km iron race
– 2013 Open Women: 16th & 40th out of 53
– 2013 Open Men: 8th & 29th out of 46
– 2013 Double Hull Mixed: 3rd & 7th out of 22
See 2013 race photos

Hongkong Around the Island Race
– 42km sea change race

Gold Coast Cup
– 42km sea change race

Hamilton Cup
– 42km sea change race


We participate in these single/small-craft races:
Dragon Run at Hongkong
The Doctor at Perth, Australia