Stengah 2015 Race Series

The Stengah Race Series is a monthly ocean race, with a compounding point-system to determine the over-all winner for the year.

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Overall results for Stengah 2014 Race Series can be found here.


Stengah 2015 have locked in race dates and times until June:

Sunday 22 March at 3pm.
Sunday 12 April – 3pm
Sunday 10 May – 10am
Sunday 14 June – 3pm

Stengah will continue till October, race dates post June TBC. All times are race start times, so get to the beach at least 1-hour earlier to confirm registration.



Entry is $10 with cold beers and soft drinks afterwards. Race start is 3:00pm sharp. Race briefing is at 2:40. You will need to pay and register before the briefing, so we suggest you get to the beach at 2pm.

Hit up Isabelle from the SUP school for special rates on SUP board hire to train and race for Stengah. Email

SPC Members are allowed to use Club Boats, on a first-come-first-served basis.
Non-SPC members are welcome to race.

If you’d like to participate but do not have a boat, email Luke at


Each race day and category will have two options:

* Long Course – 10 to 20km, courses to be determined each month, season rankings by points
* Short Course Time Trial Option – 5km, same course each month, season ranking by times.
Novice SUPers can take a short-short option if they wish.

The long course route is attached. Both the long and short course will start together. When you reach our buoy off Shangrilah the short course will turn and head back to Tanjong, whereas the long course will head to Sisters.

Stengah race course


Points for long course are as follows. Best 4 finishes count towards season total. We will give an award for the most points across multiple categories, so don’t be chicken to give another craft a try, and as only best four finishes count you won’t canabilise your core craft too much.

1st: 10
2nd: 8
3rd: 6
4th: 5
5th: 4
6th: 3
7th: 2
8th +: 1

Stengah results will be heavily considered in SPC crew selection for all races. Being in races is infinitely more favourable in his matrix than wussing on the shore, even if you are at the back of the pack, so do yourself a favour and get on the water!


Will send out updated season points later. Season results can be found here.

Race 2 Results (Mar 22, Sun, 3pm)

A dramatic day on the water full of close racing, random course changes, errant barges and a thunderstorm to hurry everyone home. Well done to all 42 paddlers who took part.

 Number one thanks goes to the pregnant lady who went to fetch beer AFTER her short course race IN the pouring rain BECAUSE the beer man forgot to bring enough (hurrah Sharon, boo Manni).

 Number two to Katja for being the water police and keeping an eye out for all those who cut the course.

Long Course individual winners were:
SS M: Dan 1:14:21   
OC1 M: Peter G  1:23:21
SS W: Mel 1:29:53

Short Course Time Trial times to beat are:
SS M    0:36:52    Ian        22/3/15
SS W    0:48:39    Sharon         22/3/15
OC1 M    0:39:43    Darrin        22/3/15
OC1 W    0:41:40    Clare        22/3/15
SUP M    0:51:33    Mike        22/3/15
SUP W    0:55:44    Jackie        22/3/15
OC2 Mx    0:40:23    Petra Harry    22/3/15
OC2 W    0:43:02    Vanessa Julie    22/3/15


There have been many questions regarding Stengah 2015. Here we take the opportunity to answer a few.

Q: What is the time trial for? DBS selection? Hawaii?
A: The Short Course Time Trial is not for any specific race selection. It is an ongoing race category this season. The course will be the same each week. At the end of the season the paddler with the lowest time in each category wins.

Q: I have little experience paddling an OC1/SS/SUP, should I do the long course open ocean event across shipping lanes, rough seas and strong currents or the short course along the coast in protected waters?
A: The short course.

Q: I do not wish to partake in the sunset soft drinks and beers after the race on the beach, put on by SPC to promote social interaction, bonding and harmony amongst the Singapore paddling community, can I get a cheaper race entry?
A: No

Q: I am too unfit at this stage of the season, should I give it a miss as I don’t want to be embarrassed?
A: No. You will have lots of company.

Q: Is there a safety boat?
A: Yes, there is  a safety boat manned by coach Denes. He is available to help paddlers in genuine distress and to put wash over and generally annoy the rest of us.