Stengah 2016 Race Series

Final proposed Stengah dates for 2016:

Sunday 24 April – 3pm >> completed!
Saturday 14 May – 5pm >> completed!
Saturday 18 June – 415pm >> completed!
Saturday 16 July – 545pm >> completed!
Sunday 14 Aug – 8am >> completed!
Saturday 17 Sep – 1pm >> completed!
Saturday 22 Oct >> completed!
Sunday 11 Dec 2pm

Registration Fee: $10/paddler (whether SPC member or not)

Single-Craft Category

There will be a long and a short course for each race.  Online registration is required in this link.

Single craft entries will have to find your own boat.

All Club OC1s/Surf Skis will be allocated on a 1st-come-1st-served reservation basis. Email

Any questions for small crafts category , please drop Luke a message at


OC6 Rookies Mixed Category

Sign-up here!

This category is an opportunity for newer paddlers and steers to get more race experience, building up to bigger races throughout the year.

As with the Stengah tradition, overall winners will be based on points collected throughout the season: number of new paddlers participated, challenge points or penalties, participation points, and of course winners’ points.

Rookie Paddler Criteria:
– started paddling with an Outrigger Canoe Club in 2014 (paddling for 1-2yrs only!) AND
– has never raced outrigger canoe overseas / has only raced in local outrigger canoe races (COO, SOC, K&Q Race)
– completed outrigger canoe Rookie Session: intro & safety (swim test, huli drill)

Rookie Steer Criteria:
– steering for 1-2 years only AND
– never steered an overseas outrigger canoe race

Mixed Crew Criteria:
– Maximum 2 Crews / 12 Members per Club per Race (if a Club only has 1 crew or less than complete 2 crews, then some paddlers will be doing course 2x)
– Minimum 2 Lady-paddlers per Crew
– Maximum 2 Steers (Male OR Female)

*Penalties will be served if any of the criteria above is not met (contested and proven).

Race Format:
– Relay of maximum 12 crew members per Club per Race

Are you a new SPC Member or a Rookie wanting to race?  Sign-up here!
For Non-SPC Crews, you are also required to register.  Please finalize your crews based on the criteria above and sign-up here!

Any questions for OC6 Category, please drop Janus a message at

Follow OC6 Rookies Race Results below.


22 OCT 2016

This event will be one long course race only, no heats. Any craft may enter but you need to arrange your own boat. Denes will advise on arrangements for the club training session on that day.

The distance is 20km with course below (map and more details will follow):

Tanjong – Far Yellow – Palawan – Sisters – St Johns – Kusu – White Buoy – Tanjong

The race will be a handicap with start times as below. Note that season points per category will be awarded on non-handicap times. Also, Mixed Oc6 is minimum 3 women, mixed V3 min 1.

Category / Start Time
7:00:00    SUPW
7:07:51     SUPM
7:14:52     OC1W & V3W
7:21:11      SSW & OC1M & V3Mx
7:26:53    OC6W  & OC1M (Pueo) & V3M
7:32:05    OC6 Mx
7:36:50    SSM
7:41:11     OC6M

9:30:00    OC6 Rookies Briefing (see rules above)
10:00:00 OC6 Rookies Race