Training Sessions

– Tuesdays and Thursdays: 615am at the shed
– Saturdays: 9am: Club Session*
– Saturdays: 1145-130pm Rookie Sessions (see info & schedule in our Rookie Session page)
– Sundays: 9am or 4pm small boats training (to be confirmed weekly)*

*for SPC Members only, and those who have completed the 1st Rookie Session.  To become a member, please complete our Rookie Session*

Members will receive the training schedule and club activities via email every week, usually Monday night.

Any adhoc/urgent updates will be sent to Members via email/SMS. Non-members, please confirm the schedule with

If you want to race and win with us, be an SPC Member and contact


SPC Training: 04-09 APR 2017 <sample schedule>

***Our new location is at Ola Beach Club (see this link)***

Hello Team,

DB dates are follows: (not changed)
6,8 (Thu,Sat),
13,15 (Thu,Sat),
20,22,23 (Thu,Sat)
27,29,30 (Thu,Sat,Sun)

Fitness session:
Does not matter which race you do, I expect you to do at least one of the fitness sessions every week!!!
Tama is doing a great job there, must turn up!!!
Because you will be fitter, lighter, stronger, faster… simply just much better!!!!!!

See the trainings below for everyone!!

04April Tuesday
615am @Siloso
630-750am on the water
Guys: OC1
Girls: OC6

650-815pm Fitness session @Fort Canning!
05April Wednesday
THERE IS NO TRAINING! Please do the fitness session!!

06April Thursday
615am @Siloso
630-750am on the water
Girls OC1
Guys OC6

DB session for ALL who signed up !!!
620am@Kallang!!!! Done by 745am!!

650-815pm Fitness session @Fort Canning!
08April Saturday
Club session
9am @Siloso
930-1130on the water

1145am OC Rookie Session – tbc

Dragon Boat!!
9am @Kallang Nursery
930-1115 OTW! Light session!
This is for ALL who signed up for DBS!!!

4PM Stengah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Must do single craft if you do Tahiti!!!!
09April Sunday
9am-11am (10-14km)
ALL T-Crew OC6 technique!
ALL Who wish to do Hawaii, doing Oc1!!
This will be individual session!!! With resistance. I prefer if all in the 6.

May the force be with you!