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SPC is a members-only paddling club that is based at Ola Beach Club, Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island. Whether you're an experienced paddler looking to take your paddling to the next level with professional coaching, or you're just starting your love affair with different types of ocean paddling, SPC will support you.

Membership Benefits

  • Join all club paddling sessions (3 - 5 sessions a week depending on the season)

  • Team training under the guidance of a professional coach

  • Improve paddling technique, skills, fitness and more

  • Participate in local and international races, once-in-a-lifetime experiences

  • Access club equipment ranging from outrigger canoes to surfskis and SUP boards.

  • Be part of a passionate community of ocean paddlers

  • Discounts on  merchandise, f&b, and more.

  • If you have a personal boat and become a member, it is possible to store it at our facility at a fee - subject to availability of space. Storage space is strictly reserved for members only.


As we are supportive of young talent, tiered membership rates are charged based on age at the time of joining or renewing. Get more information below, or if you're ready to join, email us at with your date of birth and joining month, and we'll get you started.



25 and Under


SPC 138.jpg

Full-Time Students



26 to 30



Rack Rental

Members-only: $580-$930/year


31 and Up



Payment Options

- Annual (discount for upfront payment)

- Quarterly (for all or part of a year).

* Fees paid are non-refundable.

Membership Enquiry

We'll be in touch soon! Thank you for your patience - our club is run by volunteers.

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