You hear it all the time. How many of us actually know what it means? Paddling around Singapore is not as dangerous as open ocean paddling in other parts of the world, but it definitely carries some risks.

At SPC we actively promote safety as we work to create an enjoyable environment for all SPC members and guests, especially when using club or personal watercraft during club-sanctioned paddling sessions and races.


The brief guide below is intended to help educate members and guests about what each of us can do to ensure we're prepared for paddling at sea. 

A secondary objective is to help us all minimize safety incidents at sea that could negatively affect other vessels using the busy Singapore waters. 

Following these guidelines will also help you prepare for paddling in other regions where the conditions can be much less forgiving than those around Singapore.

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Handy Infographic

Thanks to Alec Wing for sharing this. Always good to keep in mind!

Palawan Entry Traffic Pattern

This has made the rounds on our club WhatsApp group chat and email many times. This is how things are supposed to go when you exit and return to SPC via the gap at Palawan Island, Sentosa. The top part shows what NOT to do. The bottom part illustrates the proper traffic patterns.

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