Team Building

Team Building and experiential training done well can transform theory into actions and enable essential leadership and teamwork competencies to become fully realized.

Either in a dragonboat or an outrigger canoe, participants should leave the event motivated and invigorated with fresh ideas about their role in the important organizational and corporate challenges.

Key Take-Away: Personal Growth & Corporate Gain

The sheer strength of one or more people in the boat will not guarantee success.  To succeed teams must be able to paddle –of course.  But for the team to win they must develop:

  • Trust
  • Coordination
  • Cooperation
  • Rhythm
  • Strength
  • Direction
  • Stamina
  • Communication
  • The desire to win

Singapore Paddle Club has a well deserved reputation for unique and exciting corporate events and have worked with many leading international and local MNCs.  We have worked with the following corporations, to name a few, over the past few years:



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