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Singapore to Kalimantan: A 500 Mile Odyssey

The main objective of this adventure was to paddle the 500 miles from Sentosa in Singapore to Pulau Bintan, Indonesia, and then across the South China Sea to Kalimantan. To complete the challenge we selected 12 paddlers who trained for several months, forming two full crews that rotated in and out of the boat. A support boat also followed the crew to help ensure their safety.

The expedition finally set out for Bintan on 04 June 2011, and after eight days, ended with a landing in Kalimantan. You can see a complete overview of the journey, here.

Singapore Paddle Club completed this adventure to create awareness for Paddlers In Pink (Breast Cancer) and CARE (Children At Risk).

See media coverage of our journey in CNN Travel, YouTube, and Men’s Health.

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