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SPC's Annual Luau, 3rd Eat-ition

We don't just spend mornings and weekends training for competitions and racing. SPC also takes time to celebrate the spirit of aloha with our ohana - friends and family.

Every year, and more recently during the weekend of our annual Singapore Ocean Carnival, SPC members painstakingly prepare a feast, smoked (so to speak) in the Hawaiian tradition: Kahlua pig, meat, fish, taro, yams and other ingredients cooked in a large ‘imu’ or dugout oven.

Oh, and there's hula dances, too.

2014's big event was a huge success and we give big thanks to April for hosting the celebration, Chef Alec and the kitchen crew for the wonderful food, Vanessa & Petra for the preparations, and to Pete & Rob for manning the bar..

Special thanks to Gregory Burns, who made the artwork we auctioned to raise funds for the CCWC Crew 2014.

Of course, to all those who came to celebrate with us, THANK YOU for making our 2014 Luau a huge success!

*photo credits to Chacha, Augustin, Jutta*

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